Creating a Post

Welcome to FRC Parts, the best place to exchange parts for the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Please read this message before posting, as it will help make sure that you use the system properly.

In order to make the system easy to use, there are guidelines to help make a post. Please ensure that all posts match these guidelines.

Why Should I Post?

You should post if you need a part or have extra parts that you would like to give to another team. This forum is not designed for general conversation.

Choosing a region

Please choose an appropriate region for your request. That means that if you are not willing to drive to that region, it probably is not a good choice.


Mandatory Tags

  • Action (want or have)
  • Status (start open, change to closed once the transaction is complete)
  • Category (motors, control-system, hardware, materials, tools-machines, misc)

Optional Tags

  • Urgency (not-urgent, asap)
  • Length (loan, permanent)
  • Shipping (willing-to-ship, will-pay-to-ship)

Organizing an exchange

If someone has a reply to a request, please make a comment in the post. After that point, all communication should happen through direct messages.

Once a transaction is complete

  • Change the status from open to closed (remove the open tag and then add a closed tag)
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